The Rational Parenting List

Discussion of parenting based on Objectivism

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What is rational parenting?

A child’s mind is his most valuable asset. I want to help my child use his mind to learn how to make rational decisions, to understand and live his values, to grow to independence, and to find joy in his life.

I do not want to make decisions for my child, but to guide him to making good decisions as he is capable of doing so. This does not mean laissez faire parenting. A young child needs to be told when to go to bed, just as a 10 year old needs to be told when he has played enough video games. It means that I make decisions that my child needs me to make, and don’t decide things he can decide for himself.

Children must learn that their choices have consequences, so decision-making is an important part of that process. A child must also make many decisions, and enjoy the success of his choices, to become a self-reliant adult.

The parenting list

The parenting list (now ended) gave those interested in issues about children an opportunity to discuss such subjects as movies, books, education, raising rational children, dealing with irrational adults in interactions with your children, and discipline issues.

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